VA Loan Refinance

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Replace your current loan for new monthly savings

Cash-Out Refinance

A VA cash-out refinance gives you the flexibility to use your home’s equity to access cash for home improvements, emergencies, high-interest debt repayment, or any other expenses.

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IRRRL Refinance

An IRRRL, or interest rate reduction refinance loan, is a quick way to refinance with fewer requirements than a cash-out refinance. You must have an existing VA home loan to be eligible for this program’s benefits.

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VA Refinancing

Earned VA Loan benefits provide qualified homeowners with an effortless way to take advantage of lower rates and decrease their monthly mortgage payment. Additionally, military homeowners can get cash back on a VA refinance and use the proceeds for a variety of needs, such as home improvements or paying down high-interest debt. Current low interest rates make it a great time to invest in your home or use equity to pay off other expenses.

Time to Refinance

Let’s look at the three types of people who can benefit from a VA refinance
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You want to refinance your current VA mortgage and get cash back at closing.

You have a non-VA mortgage that you want to refinance into a VA loan.

You want to refinance your current VA loan and do not need cash back at closing.

"I absolutely love how easy and smooth this was. We had to squeeze dates in a short period of time to make it work and we got it done on time!!! Will never use anyone else. Thanks"

Carlton, US Marine Corps, TX

Save Money

Consolidate debt, lower your monthly mortgage payment, or switch to a fixed interest rate.

Multiple Options

Veterans can pay off a non-VA loan, get cash at closing, or do both simultaneously.

Low Rates

Benefit by refinancing your mortgage to take advantage of record low, fixed interest rates.

Refinance for Your Goals

Your mortgage comes with benefits
Take cash out

Refinance your VA loan into a lower rate while taking cash out from your home’s equity.

  • 620+ Credit Score
  • Must intend to occupy property
  • Can finance closing costs into new loan
  • No restrictions on using cash back
Lower your payment

Refinance from one VA loan product to another for a lower interest rate and monthly mortgage payment.

  • Little to no out-of-pocket costs
  • No 30-day late payments in past 12 months on home loan
  • Not allowed to take out cash
Refinance Eligibility

Eligibility for a VA refinance is very similar to that of a home purchase VA loan.

  • Active duty for more than 90 days during wartime
  • 2 years of service during peacetime, some exceptions apply
  • 6 years served for National Guard & Reservists
  • Surviving spouse
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